Welcome to our website!

This website started by a group of painters in Almoradi in Spain 





We would like to give each member an own gallery with a short biography and a picture of you (if you want) and here you can tell about your paintings. If you paint outside, you can eventually show a picture of the view, or of yourself when you are  painting.


Maybe a picture of your painting studio if you have one...and so on. Up to you to decide.


If we consider that your paintings in any way would be offensive we keep the right to refuse. But don't worry we like art! And we are all different in our way of showing it on the canvas.


We will have activities as Virtual Exhibitions. For example with members latest paintings. Or with a chosen thema.


And much more! This is the start and maybe you have ideas for the site. Welcome with your comments!


Later we will translate our website into other languages.